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NOTICIA: EEUU: Fotos de óvulos fertilizados podrían ser considerados pornografía infantil en Dakota del Norte [ENG]

Noticia del 19 de Febrero del 2009

COMENTARIO: A veces la histeria colectiva y el alarmismo social conllevan a que se tomen medidas exageradas... insistiré que se combata un tema como los abusos, la explotación sexual de los menores, la pornografía infantil... todo lo que haya salido de niños que no han podido disfrutar su infancia, de los que rompieron sus sueños o simplemente no les dejaron tenerlos... todo eso, pero no caigamos en el mismo error que caen a quienes llamamos monstruos, no caigan en su radicalidad sin atender a razones o a la lógica.

El Senado de Dakota del Norte votará una ley, que de aprobarse, penalizará la difusión de fotos de óvulos fertilizados o ultrasonidos, basándose en que un óvulo tiene los mismos derechos civiles que cualquier persona.

Pictures of Fertalized Eggs Now a Sex Crime in North Dakota?

You see this image? That’s a fertilized human egg. The North Dakota House of Representatives passed a bill on Feb 19th 2009 which states that this picture is considered child pornography. The vote now goes to the North Dakota Senate for a vote. If passed, it means that if you post pictures of your ultrasound on Facebook, you run the risk of having to sign up for the sex offender registry.

This bill that passed by 51-41 this afternoon declared that a fertilized egg has all the rights of any person. Sponsored by Rep. Dan Ruby, R, this effectively outlaws abortion in North Dakota.

Outlawing abortions obviously this leads to unregulated abortions, since abortions take place regardless of legality. However, having back-ally abortions is the least of womens’ concern. If the North Dakota Senate passes it as well, North Dakota would be able to prosecute women who have miscarriages as being criminally negligent.

While Ruby has has sponsored other anti-abortion bills, it is unclear his motivation for this. While North Dekota is running record budget problems, it seems odd that he’d willingly force so many unwed teenagers into motherhood, where the state will be legally obligated to support them. Additionally, he certainly cannot be using any biblical justification, because the Bible is very clear to state that until a child is alive one month out of the mother it has no value at all. (Exodus 21:22-23, Leviticus 27:6, Numbers 3:15-16.) What’s more, God has abroved of abortion and has been known to induce an abortion (Numbers 5:21-21, 27-28).

The whole situation is a bit absurd. North Dakota has opened up a can of worms they really didn’t think through.

Update: Someone put up a good list of side effects of this law Here. Where our list is a bit sophomoric, this link has actual legal implications


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